Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Set Me Free......

I get this little story from inspiration really just from God and also Set me free by Casting Crowns--

The young man walked into the family room one blazing afternoon to see his mother working away at her daily duties. “Oh, hello son, it would mean so much to me if you would go get the mail!”

With a sigh he said yes and trudged out of the house. Then he stopped. Thinking to himself, “Wait a pretty little second... This is perfect! Maybe there’ll be another little magazine for me...” His face brightened with an evil grin as he began walking again, “I’ve worm out the other one, and mom never knows when she gets those things anyway.”

As he walked he turned a corner and at the end of the drive saw the mailbox. Living in the country it was quite a distance from the house. “I’ll just stick it half way in my jeans and cover the rest up with my shirt. It’ll be perfect. Last time I had to steal from their room, this’ll be much easier.”
“Stop it son.”
“What? Hello? Who is that?”
No response. He continued down the road, his will still strong. A quarter of the way there now.
“Don’t do it son.”
“Who on earth is that! Come out now, who are you! My dad’s at work stop messing around!”
“I am right next to you. Right here, I’m here to save you.”
“Right, gotcha, save me from what you freak.”
“From yourself.”
“Oh hey, that’s a catchy line, now let’s drop the jokes and stop this ventriloquism or whatever it is.”
“It’s not ventriloquism son.”
The young man thought to himself, “Who is this freak?”
“I am Your God, Your maker, Your creator!” shouted the voice.
“Whoa! Hey! I never said anything! How’d you know I just said that?”
“I am Your God, Your maker, Your creator!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’ve already said that. But, you can read minds?”
“I can do anything son, I know all.”
“ooohhh, scary, should I hide?” Said the kid with a snear.
“What have I done?” Replied the voice in sadness.
“I thought you knew it all, what ever happened to that?”
“You know, that girl in third grade was pretty, but whatever made you like her?” Asked the voice.
“Holy smokes, how do you know that?!”
“I’ve already said. What about Maurice, what’s so bad about him? Why do you hate him so much?”
“Ok, ok, ok, you’ve made your point, my gosh. Just, buzz off will ya? I’ve got a job to do.”
“I shall not. You are heading in the wrong direction. I am here to save you.”
“Save me. Save me? Save me from what?”
“Your sin.”
“Sin, right, sin. What right have you to save me from anything!”
“I created you, I knew you before the foundations of the world. I brought you to life.”
“Nice, very nice, well you did a bad job of it.” At this moment the young man reached the mailbox, he opened it, grabbed and mail and started looking through it. “Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” It was there, just what he wanted. Just what he had hoped for. As he shut the mailbox and turned around he collapsed to his knees. “What on earth?” He looked up and saw him there, the man, the one who had been talking to him. He didn’t know why he instantly knew it was him, but he just did. He thought to himself, “What have I done?”
“You have brought anguish to your Maker.” Replied the man in front of him.
“You’re... You’re my God aren’t you?” His eyes were opened, he saw the man in front of him, he saw his Maker.
“I am your Lord and Savior in whom you take refuge.”
“What have I done?”He asked again, “Are you the one who can set the captive free?”
“Yes, I can set the captive free.”
“I wanna be free! Set me free!” In an instant the young man felt the shackles fall from his hands, felt the burden fall off his back, he was free. The magazine was gone, his eyes were opened, he was alive.
“Go now, go to your mother, be her true son.”

Now, this is a pretty lame story, at least, I think so. But that’s hardly the point. The point I’m trying to make to all of you is that God does save us. He’s saved me before. He will come to you and talk to you, and be with you. We must heed His warnings. Come when He calls, and pray for protection. Temptation is an evil thing, it’s a hard thing too. I won’t say if girls or guys struggle with it more, but I will say that I struggle with it immensely. It’s almost one of those things where when I find myself not doing something, I must find something quickly, or I’ll start to fall. It’s in those times though that God will be with us. He will protect us. You’ve got to call upon His name and ask Him to set you free! God will set you free.
-Your brother in Christ


Annie C. Landon said...

That was really good.
I liked that.
Makes y'stop and think.
Thanks, Justin.

JustinK said...

Well, I'm glad it made you think. That was my purpose. :)
Thank you for reading.