Monday, May 11, 2009

My Prayer......

Lord, fill my soul with Your presence
Lead me to Your cross
Shelter me from the wiles of my enemies
Keep me under Your wings

You are my salvation
You are my ever-present help in times of need
You are always there for me

Even though I may walk through that valley of death
Even though my enemy may triumph over me
Even though the evil one will plot day and night against me
You are there

I cannot hide from your grace
I cannot hide from your love
You will never let me go

Though storms may rage
Though trials may flood over me
Though pain may leave me weak
Nothing will keep You from taking my hand once more

There is no one like You
Always watchful over me
Never ceasing to show me Your mercy

Lord, fill my spirit with Your presence
Lead me, lead me on...


emily said...

Oh my gosh! ::puts hand over mouth:: Justin! You have NO idea how proud of you I am :)...I told you you'd pull through! He's right there ready to embrace you! :) I'm so proud of you, I'll be praying :)

JustinK said...

::laughs:: You sound like my older sis... Lol. Oh well, it's going well. Thank you for praying. :)
- JK

emily said...

hahahahhaha.'s encouraging, gosh :]

JustinK said...

No, don't be sorry! I'm glad I'm encouraging you. Lord willing I am others too. After all, I'm a human too. Just cause I've got a blog and talk about God doesn't mean I don't have my fair share of problems. :)I'm just blessed enough to know that God will be here for me.

I think I'll post some more prayers as they come to mind. I'm truly blessed to know those little random verses from the Psalms and other books of the Bible. So that I can just pray Scripture. It's truly amazing.

-Your brother in Christ

emily said...

well, i was encouraged that i had encouraged you enough to go spend some time in prayer. So yeah, whatever. :) Hahahahahaha.

geez my iced tea is gone. Anywayy.. I think you should do that! That was quite the powerful prayer :)... and, thanks :)

JustinK said...

It isn't easy to come across a real good friend. But sometimes God just gives you a couple. :) Thank you indeed for being there to encourage and exhort. May God bless you for it.

I'd go get some more then.... :)


Quinton said...

I really think you need someone other than just Em and yourself commenting on this post, J. :D

Very good, I love all the theology that is put into a simple prayer like that. So good. God will never leave us nor forsake us; He is always faithful.

Semper Fi.

JustinK said...

Indeed Quin! Was nice of you to join. :)

Amen to what you said. It's awesome to see how God works. He's so incredible amazing. And yes, must be semper fi. :)