Monday, May 4, 2009

Life...... (see me through)

Sometimes life is seemingly extra hard. This post happens to be short simply because life is hitting extra hard. It seems to me that when I have a fabulous week, one that just couldn’t have possibly been better, followed up by the best Saturday of my life, and once again followed by an amazing and life-changing Sunday. After all this, life just looks dull, painful, distressing. It’s like the lights turn off and my tiny utopia is thrown into darkness.

As truly hard as it is for me to say, I must trust in God at this moment. Life was so perfect, now life is so imperfect. May God seem me through. As I wrote that last sentence, I just remembered a song, I should listen to it. :-) .... here are the lyrics...

As I wait for You, would You come and see me through
The darkness of this side
I know it’s all for You, that in the end You would find
A pure and spotless bride

For I’m a stranger here with You
Struggling inside to be a resting place for You
I was made to be with You
And I don’t truly rest until I find my rest in You
So come and see me through

As I journey on, You will lead me by Your hand
And receive me in the end
Whom have I but You, and there is none upon the earth
That can save me but You

As I journey on this path of life
Let me find favor in Your eyes
To walk humbly before Your eyes always, always

Whom have I in heaven but You
And only what You say will really see me through
Send forth Your light and truth, and lead me, lead me on

Lord have mercy, ‘cause it’s my only means
To find You here with me, to find you here with me
As for me, I will enter Your house by the mercy You’re giving me now
Your mercy is my only means

Life is not right until You split the sky
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come”
We long for the day when You make all things new
We want to be with You

May this be my prayer...

-Your brother in Christ


Quinton said...

obviously heartfelt. i like it. the sincerity shines forth and through the gloom and despair, we find hope, grace, and peace in God.

good post, j.

JustinK said...

Thanks man. Yeah, Christ is in it all. We just got to stick to Him. Thanks for reading.


LaurenM. said...

I know the feeling, Justin. Kinda the way my week and weekend was as well. Now, as I sit here, sunk in the sad gloom of a chemistry textbook, it can get discouraging. But...God will see us through. He's there in the amazing weeks, but He's just as much there when life looks imperfect to our human eyes. But honestly, the reality that everyday is perfect in the eyes of God. Because of His sovereginty, we can know that everything is exactly the way He wants it... even if it's not the funnest thing on the face of the earth... it's the best thing.

So, thanks for the post, Justin. It brought back the right perspective to my ungrateful eyes. ::smiles::

Annie C. Landon said...

Wow....I seriously needed that one.
Thanks. :)