Sunday, August 5, 2012

God is More than Enough

Have you ever considered God and His goodness? 

In this post I would like to make a few observations I have gained this past weekend. I attended the Seasons of Life Seminar by Mr. Gregg Harris and he gave me some insight into God's goodness. 

Question, have you thought of food and how it tastes in relation to God's goodness? 

There is a LOT of food that tastes absolutely delicious! There's Pizza, Alfredo, Ice creme, Cheese burgers the list goes on. All of this food is satisfying and filling. But have you thought of how God didn't have to make this be? He could have simply created tasteless edible food that's only purpose was for nutrients. But what did He do? He created incredibly delicious satisfying food. 

God is good. Very good. 

So that is one small portion of what I learned at the seminar. Now today I was studying this a little more and found my own insights:

God is absolutely more than enough. God doesn't just satisfy our needs, He goes above and beyond our needs. God sees a situation that we desperately need help from and God saves us, then goes a step further. 

Jesus is known to have said: 

Mat 5:41  And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.

This is of course where we get the adage "Go the extra mile". Interestingly back during the time of Jesus this was a fascinating political commentary. One with historic effects. 

Jesus was instructing the Jewish people of the time to passively fight against the Roman oppression. The example in this verse of "going the extra mile" was in regards to the Roman Impressment Law. Under this law if a Roman Soldier passed you he could (by law) force you to carry his pack for up to one mile. However, by law the soldier could not force a Jewish person to carry the pack one inch further than one mile. Jesus telling the Jews to go another mile with him, was a tricky way of exposing the injustice that was happening. Simply put, at the end of the mile when the soldier asks for his pack back, simply say, "it's ok, I'm good" and keep walking. Eventually this soldier would be pleading with you to get the pack back or else he may get in trouble. Furthermore Jesus was planting a seed in the minds of his listeners that it doesn't hurt to do a little more. It doesn't hurt to bless those who curse you. Also looking upon His words of saying bless those who curse you. 

But I see a connection between all of this historicity and what God shows us in creating tasty food. God is good and God is more than enough. God is our greatest role model for life and is proving that through the words of Jesus. God wants us to go the extra mile just as He goes the extra mile for us. We are slaves to Christ, we are fools, we are evil sinners, God does NOT need us. Yet even with all this what does He do? He loves us, gives us good food, and is more than enough for all of our needs. 

What has God done in your life that has proven He is more than enough? In what ways in your life has God gone the extra mile for you? 

I think it's fair to say we should do the same for those around us. Practice what your preach, God practices what He preaches, we should do the same!

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