Thursday, July 1, 2010


Having this awesome experience of being an uncle suddenly has got me thinking. I’m the youngest of seven, I’ve never gotten the older sibling thing going for me. Had no babies, cause well, I’ve always been the baby. I walked into the birthing center where my sister was. Said hi to my brother-in-law, congrats, all that. Got the first glimpse of the baby and it was sheer joy. When my sister asked if I wanted to hold him it felt like my insides exploded. I said to myself, “Wow... it’s like my first baby too.”

I’ve always admired my sister. Being the second oldest of the family, and the first-born daughter she’s always held that position in my little mind of the alma-mater. The baby-sitter, the one I could whine to. (And get no where). And now finally she’s a mom in her own right. So I gladly accepted her invitation to hold my little nephew. Sat down on the edge of the bed where she was. Took him in my arms, smiled at him. He smiled back. It was what some would call, truly precious. But then I got to thinking two things. First of all, how much more precious is that baby to my brother-in-law? After-all, it is his very first child. It’s kind of like when I bought my camera. I own a Canon Rebel XS. I bought it, and it was all I could think about. Yet, my older brother, he’s ALWAYS been into photography/videography. He loved it too. He would take it, hold it, take pictures with it, and talk about how awesome it is. Yet that camera was a lot more important to me, than to him. At the same time. I’m totally in love with my nephew. In my mind he’s the most adorable little kid I’ve ever seen. But to my brother-in-law? I can guarantee you that little David means more to him than to me.

The second thought? What about God? Isn’t God my nephew’s true Father? Or at least, He will be. Just think about God’s love. God’s perfect nature. I respect, love, and admire my brother-in-law. He is truly one man who I look up to. And I know for certain he will be one of the best father’s in the world. Yet, compared to God? God’s love is so far greater than we could even comprehend.
I’ve been searching for verses that could describe this well, but to no avail. I do hope you see what I’m getting at however. God does have a love for us. A deep love that is greater than any love we know. If you read this, and want to find a verse or two, please do, and please comment. God bless!


P.S. If you wanna see my nephew :-) -


Sarah A. said...

I wasn't able to find a verse to accurately describe that kind of affection but maybe that is because God's love is rather...indescribable? I mean, can you tell someone in words what you felt in your heart the day God stepped in a saved you? But I guess the point you're trying to make is that God's love for us is even greater than a fathers love on earth. But over and over God draws prallels to Himself and an earthly father ("as a father has compassion on his children...") But He shows that His love is greater in that He _crushed_ his son to give us life. I don't know if I'm making any sense but that's what comes to my mind.

Sarah A. said...


JustinK said...

Makes plenty of sense, and yes, is what I was getting at. Thanks so much for commenting.

Lady Greenleaf said...

Really puts "gave His only son" into perspective, doesn't it?

JustinK said...

Absolutely. I was actually thinking about that too. And then the story of Isaac. I just can't even fathom killing your own son cause God told you to. THAT puts a new perspective on, "Do it, and ask questions later."